Secrets of the Bands

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How to convert your scores in the reading and listening papers to IELTS band scores

Do you want to know how many correct answers you have to get in the IELTS listening and reading papers to get the band you need? There is no exact answer to this. It changes (slightly) each time. If a paper is slightly easier than other papers, you will need to get more answers right. … Continue reading

How NOT to lose marks in the IELTS listening and reading papers

This is a guest post from an IELTS clerical marker.   I’m not an IELTS examiner, I’m an IELTS clerical marker. Let me explain the difference. Examiners do the speaking interviews and grade the writing. Clerical markers mark the reading and listening papers.  Clerical markers aren’t allowed to be examiners and examiners aren’t allowed to … Continue reading

The Secrets of the IELTS Bands (Speaking and Writing)

Have you ever wondered how the examiners decide what band you should get in speaking and writing? Do you get scared that you might get a strict examiner who will give you a lower band than you deserve? Have you heard that the examiners in one centre give higher marks than examiners in another centre? … Continue reading