Academic Writing Task 1

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Academic IELTS Writing Task 1: Writing a summarising sentence

Let’s have a look at the band descriptors for Task Achievement for Academic Writing Task 1: Band 5 – recounts detail mechanically with no clear overview Band 6 – presents an overview with information appropriately selected The overview sentence can make all the difference between whether you get a band 5 or less, or a … Continue reading

Academic IELTS Writing Task 1: Writing an introductory sentence

When writing the report for writing task 1, you should begin with an introductory sentence. In your own words, you should briefly describe the input material. (Click here to see information about the different input types). Typical introductory sentences A typical introductory sentence will look like this. [Pay attention to subject verb agreement (see the … Continue reading

Academic Writing Task 1: Input Types

In the IELTS exam, you may be asked to describe one of more of the following input types. Read about each one, and check that you know the meanings of the key words in bold. Pie charts Bar charts Tables Line graphs Diagrams Pie charts What are pie charts? Pie charts are a very popular … Continue reading